What do I need for registration of income tax?

  • A certified copy of your I.D.
  • Proof of income
  • A bank statement with a bank stamp

What documents are required to submit returns?

  • IRP5
  • Medical certificate
  • Retirement annuity
  • Interest certificate
  • Logbook (if applicable)

Why must I have an income tax number and why must I register for income even if my salary falls below the tax bracket?

The law states that every individual in South Africa needs to be registered at the Receiver of Revenue and is thereby given a tax number.

What is provisional tax?

Where an individual earns taxable income that is not subject to SITE or PAYE deductions such as interest rental or business income he/she must pay provisional tax on this income on a six-monthly basis. Provisional tax is intended to assist taxpayers to meet their tax liabilities on an on- going basis as opposed to paying a large amount once a year on assessment. The provisional tax paid will be offset against the final income tax that the individual has to pay for the year of assessment concerned.

What is Cipro?

It is your annual return as well as the annual administration fee of your CC/Pty. Please Note should the annual return payment be late an additional late submission fee will be applicable.