Labour Law & Human Resource Practitioners

Advice and handling of the following :
Labour disputes
Labour administration
Procedures under the Labour legislation
Designing and implementing effective Human Resource Management Systems
Human Resource policies, taking into account operational specifics
Contracts of employment
Negotiations with employees, trade unions, senior level employees, etc.
Assisting with Company structuring and advice
Job evaluation, including the drafting of Job description, arranging
remuneration analysis and advice in regard to equitable pay structuring.

Health and Safety, including :
Implementing of Committee and Training
Recruitment and Placement Solutions

Applicant screening to specific needs of the clients :
Applicant assessments
Only suitable candidates for interviews
Placements at affordable rates.

Our team members are expected to gain an understanding of the clients’ core business and industry. They keep themselves abreast of changes within these industries, and can thus provide a comprehensive and flexible service.

Payroll Administration

To ease the burden of unnecessary time spent on clock cards, pay slips and personnel administration.
We provide a full service in actually managing your administration department.
Pay slips will be provided to the employees of your company.
This leaves the employer with no responsibility towards payroll administration.

We will process your clock cards, pay slips and provide you with a full report on a monthly basis outlining your :
Working hours
Total salaries
Leave days due as well as all moneys to be paid to the
Workman’s Compensation
Union Fees
Garnishee orders.

Temporary Employment Services

Should you wish we can employ your whole labour force. All you are responsible for will be for the day-to-day management and control of staff. We will be responsible for discipline and the whole Human Resource Administration process including employment contracts, employment , termination, union negotiations, ect.

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