About Us

De Goede Universe Strives to :

Assess the services of dedicated team of professionals and support staff that will provide expert services/advice in a professional and friendly manner.

Identify and service products that are of the best interest of the economy, empowering our people to grow through effective financial planning, management and accountability.

Offer efficient, cost effective and market related services.

Create an image, culture and standard that will sustain our corporate belief.

Promote our objectives for the utmost interest of all the stakeholders through efficient communicable management that enhance transparency.

Services Provided by De Goede Finance Universe :

Tax Consultants
Business Consultants
CC Conversions
Close Corporations
Conference Center
Estate Planning
Financial Consultants
Financial Planning
Labour Law Consultants
Legal Advisor
Life Insurance
Real Estate
Registration of Companies
Short Term Insurance
Pastel and Payroll Training
IT Solutions